Homebound & Veterans Care

To Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves

At the Kim Usery Foundation, we are dedicated to serving those who have served us and those who are unable to leave their homes due to physical or health constraints. Even in the face of disability, abandonment or other challenges, everyone deserves the dignity and warmth of companionship. Our desire is to provide compassionate care and support to these valuable members of our community.

We envision a world where every homebound individual and veteran feels valued, supported, and connected to their community. We seek to partner with organizations who are a beacon of hope and a source of tangible assistance for those in need.

Care for the Homebound

We have a heart to provide the warmth of a human touch, the support of taking them to church or helping them run other errands, and even the comfort of a loving dog through pet therapy. By reaching those who are alone, we refuse to let these children of God become out of sight, out of mind.

Care for Our Veterans

We are forever grateful to the men and women, and their families, who sacrifice so much for our freedoms. Through our partnership with Helping the Homefront, we are able to work with local churches and ministries to financially support and disciple military families around the country. Helping the Home Front has countless resources available to help military families with hardships and give them a fresh start.

Companion Canines

The Kim Usery Foundation is a supporter of organizations who provide canine companions to our homebound neighbors, military veterans, and disabled community members. It was Kim’s heart to see that anyone in need could receive the much needed companionship, connection and comfort of a pet. We honor Kim’s memory and join in the goal to give a new lease on life to canines and our neighbors, allowing both to live with dignity, independence, and purpose.

Anyone can benefit from animal companionship. From the homebound, lonely, or children in custody cases, to those with physical injuries, trauma, or suffering the loss of a loved one — all benefit from temporary or permanent animal companionship. Even inmates can receive comfort while working to prepare canines for adoption.

The following organizations, and many others, are working to match companion and therapeutic pets with those in need.

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