Stella Stewart Tells Us About Loving the Children of Africa

Africa was never a place I had given much thought or consideration.  Yet while in prayer at my favorite chapel, my thoughts and intercessions drifted to the orphaned children of Africa.  The more I prayed, the more the Lord placed these sweet children on my heart.  I knew He wanted me to trust His prompting and go 7,000 miles away to serve Him in serving these children.

After months of prayer, planning and fundraising, I set off to Ghana, Africa for the most life changing 6 weeks of my life.  I left with hopes that Christ would use me to share His Word and Love with 17 children at one orphanage in Ghana, but He had bigger plans.  He showed me every corner of the country.  He sent me to TWO orphanages.  One, home to 45 vivacious children at the southern capitol, Accra, and another in the remote northern bush of Ghana where I spent 3 weeks with 17 precious children.  He took me to villages of idol worshipers to share His word and feed His people.  He took me into Muslim villages and around dangerous nomadic thieves to reveal His Grace and Forgiveness.  He led me into mud huts to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We huddled together and prayed to the One Sovereign King in two different languages.

He put me in situations where there was nothing or no one to lean on but Him.  He showed me poverty not as a statistic, but as a fragile baby with a gentle touch and piercing brown eyes.  He revealed His majesty and might in bringing people to faith despite their non-Christian upbringing, dire surroundings and extreme circumstances.

He is “able to do immeasurably more than we are to ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)  I traveled to Africa hoping to be a blessing, but was blessed in the process.  Christ revealed Himself in new and deeper ways and my faith has grown in areas I never knew existed!  Part of my heart stayed in Ghana but in its place is a vigor to serve in every moment I live.  I am forever changed and am more certain than ever that my life is His…to Him I owe it all.